We would like to take the time to thank you for becoming a part of the Southeastern Blackhawk soccer family.  This is our first year operating the Southeastern Goal Club and it has been set up to allow our players to have the best college soccer experience possible and to help grow our program in its’ young years.  Our program has only been around since the fall of 2019, and with your support, it is our goal to make this one of the strongest programs in the Iowa Community College Athletic Conference (ICCAC).

The SCC Soccer Goal Club is used to support our fall travel schedule.  Your generous contribution will go towards weekend team road trips to different parts of the US for preseason and non-conference games.  This season, our men’s and women’s team are travelling to South Dakota to play a couple of four-year schools to prepare for the season and to give our players exposure to teams that may be looking to recruit them once they have graduated from Southeastern.  These games are great for our soccer teams to bond together with one another while also being a competitive fixture to test and prepare our squad for the season.  After a few weeks of a competitive pre-season games on our overnight road trip and our other games it will allow us to be prepared for a competitive non-conference schedule and season schedule against nationally ranked opposition such as Marshalltown, Iowa Western, Iowa Lakes, Indian Hills, St. Louis and Lewis & Clark just to name a few.  These games are a great way to challenge our players while also giving them exposure to be seen in other regions of the country by four-year schools and furthering their soccer careers.


In our first season our men’s and women’s soccer teams managed a respectable 14-22 record combined in arguably the toughest conference for soccer in the nation.  Both our men’s and women’s team narrowly missed out on the playoffs and placed four players each on ICCAC All-Conference teams.  The 2019 Blackhawks are looking to continue to grow the program here at Southeastern and build a soccer dynasty that will lead to talented young players from all across the US and the world looking to come here and play.  We have brought in an additional 20 players on the men side to start Southeastern’s first Junior Varsity program next year and to help build our first team into title contenders in the ICCAC.  We hope to realize our dream of making the ICCAC championships this year for both our men’s and women’s soccer programs. 


The Southeastern coaching staff and all players from both programs thank you for your time and support.  We look forward to seeing you in the fall for the 2019 season!

Best Wishes,

Zachary Newton                                                                        Jorge Sierra

Head Soccer Coach                                                                    Assistant Coach


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