Sports Enhancement

Sports Enhancement Program Welcome

Dear Student-Athletes,

The Sports Enhancement Program is designed to promote student-athlete development in physical fitness and athletic ability. This comprehensive program incorporates some of the latest and basic methods to train the college's full complement of athletic teams.

The emphasis of the Sports Enhancement Program is on total physical development to improve performance and reduce the likelihood of injury. Muscle balance is stressed as the basis for each athlete with special attention to technique and exertion of various lifting techniques. A variety of weight-training styles consistently challenges athletes to perform better as well as understand how the body adapts to training.

The Sports Enhancement Program is located in the lower level of the Wellness Plaza at Great River Medical Center. The weight facilities are home to all SCC intercollegiate athletic programs. Our goal is to build the complete athlete by focusing on sport-specific movements at game speed. GRMC's fitness specialists focus on the drills that address quickness, reaction time, dynamic flexibility, and postural strength.  



In addition, we train our athletes to perform according to the specific sport in which they participate.  The sport-specific programs are designed around the movements, skills, and energy systems utilized in that specific sport.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Sheena Abbott, Supervisor of Athletic and Performance Center at (319) 768-4158, or send an e-mail to


Great River Athletic and Performance Staff